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 Costumed Life dRAWING

Sitting Pirate- @annabelhewitson.png

Join for unique Costumed Life Drawing session


Sat 13th July 2024

Costumed Life Drawing- Tudors

11:00 | The Poly

Sat 17th August 2024

Costumed Life Drawing- Greek

11am | The Poly


What is Life Drawing?

Life drawing or figure drawing is the drawing with pencil, ink, charcoal, paint or whatever you choose of a figure from life. Most often associated with drawing the human form nude.

What is Costumed Life Drawing?

The biggest difference with costumed life drawing is that the model has clothes on, you will be able to see how mail clings to the body of how a sword held. In our case we are also expanding this to not only clothes our model but also bring a character to life.

Why do it?

There are many reasons to do life drawing, one of the most common reasons is the suggestion that it will make you a better artist.  True, practice can help you improve and develop skills and these sessions offer you a specific time to focus on creating art. Do not however be put off if you have never tried life drawing before, this can be your introduction. Maybe you are the next Da Vinci just waiting for the right moment.

What will the model be wearing?

Depending upon the theme, the model will be wearing medieval style or piratical costume drawn from our costume store. Some are historically accurate (HA) others are inspired by the past but made for use in theatre and film. Which means their style and construction may not be HA but looks the part just the same. Our aim is to have the model create a character that is interesting to look at and draw. The mail and plate armour is real.

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