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We have tried to answer some of the FAQ's hear, as we get more we shall up date this page to help. 


What is Swashbuckling Cornwall?

Swashbuckling Cornwall was set up in 2014 with the aim of bring stage combat to Cornwall. Stage Combat courses can be found in some areas of the country, but rarely in the South West. We are passionate about giving people the best experience possible and making participants industry ready!  


Do I need to have done drama before?

No. This course is designed so that almost anyone can take part with no previous experience. Participants however ,must be over 18. If you have any questions please get in touch.


What will I learn?

This depends upon which workshop you attending. Some of the same areas will be covered e.g. saftey, stances, footwork but these will be different for differnt weapons and technuqies. 


How long is the workshop?

Again this depends on the workshop they can range from 40 minties to 2 weeks.


What can I do with it?

You will get to down some of the basics used by professional fighters and actors and be able to take these skills onto future projects.  Once hooked, you will be able to develop these skills, which could lead to an industry recognised qualification. All those taking part will receive a certificate of participation, which you can add to your CV.  


Do I need any special equipment?

No. Stage combat is designed to be safe and does not normally require specialist clothing or equipment. Do however come in clothes you are comfortable to move around in. We also suggest bringing along a set of gym or gardening gloves and comfortable footwear (No high heels!). We also have all the weapons needed, so don’t worry about those either!

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