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Scarlett (Actor)

The workshops and courses offered by Swashbuckling Cornwall have been immensely fun and incredibly useful for not only my acting career but for my fiction writing as well. I’ve been able to broaden my skill set and my experiences here are ones I can carry into any audition with confidence, something else the classes have given me. Getting to learn in Cornwall has been an experience unlike any other combat course I’ve ever taken before and I cannot be more thankful for it!


Stephen (Actor & Artist, former headmaster)

I have been on several sessions organised and run by Swashbuckling Cornwall. These include two musket days (loading, history and actual firing), a course for basic stage

sword play and some costumed life-drawing sessions.

Henry Austwick organises everything and instructions and arrangements are clear and well-communicated. Health and Safety is clearly of paramount importance, especially for such obvious areas as firearms.

I am a writer and an amateur artist and have various outlets for my creative needs. What Swashbuckling Cornwall offers is very much on my lists for consideration and I closely follow on social media so I know what is happening.

Cornwall is such a place of creativity and identity and I believe that we need organisations like Swashbuckling Cornwall to enhance that side of this wonderful county. If I were still a Headmaster, I would be arranging for Henry and his team to be coming into school regularly to hold workshops, especially in cross-curricular studies. Art, history, drama, English would all benefit on the curriculum.

I believe that Swashbuckling Cornwall deserves as wide a spread of publicity as possible and it be made possible for Henry to do more and involve more people and bring more people to Cornwall. It's absolutely brilliant!

Polmartin Riding School

 Over the last few years, Swashbuckling Cornwall has been helping us deliver our highly successful Horse Riding for TV and Film. This course teaches actors of all abilities how to ride and handle horses proficiently on set. Henry from Swashbuckling has been instrumental in developing our course and getting Spotlight approval, so that now actors can add an internationally recognised equestrian qualification to their CV. Undoubtedly this enhances their acting portfolio and helped some of them win parts in many notable productions.Henry brings a wealth of industry knowledge, contacts and technical expertise which has helped make our course one of the leaders in this field.


Daniel Dresner (Acting Coach & Co Founder Actors Coaching International)

Working in Falmouth with Swashbuckling reminds me why I teach. Always great students and always transformational. The challenge of working with actors not based in London who have different frames of reference but the same career and craft goals keep me on my toes and keeps my work fresh.


Harry (Actor)

I am pleased to participate in this process as the smaller yet very effective creative businesses in Cornwall work so hard already and could achieve so much more with the added benefit of funding.

This is particularly so with Swashbuckling Cornwall which has widened access to careers in the creative industry for tv/film in Cornwall. I have participated in a number of the events, including training with fire arms and fencing as well as ‘Riding for Actors’ - their professional horse riding coaching for film and tv productions.

For me Swashbuckling Cornwall offered a cost effective entry point into training in the creative industry, and led to me building my confidence to train professionally as an actor. From early extra roles as a supporting actor I have gone onto film and tv speaking roles, supporting foreign made films in Cornwall which now are syndicated across Europe in different languages - all made in Cornwall with a significant contribution to Cornwall’s economy through the promotion of tourism to the county. I can now see myself speaking perfect German, Spanish and Italian in good credited roles!

Thanks to the enthusiasm and business acumen of smaller firms in the creative industry in Cornwall I have gone from very much an unskilled but enthusiastic outsider to become a fairly proficient actor with a number of credits, a member of Spotlight and Equity. I would have found this journey a very difficult one to start without the access to Swashbuckling Cornwall.




Hedi (Actor)

Riding for Actors Level 1:

Such an excellent thorough course which installs confidence in the actor for working on set with horses! Polmartin stables are incredibly well equipped for the course and have a wealth of experience to impart. With photo opportunities at the end and a certificate that is industry recognised - there is even a tick box on spotlight for it. The course is invaluable!

Musket firing Level 1:

Brilliant course. Safety and technical expertise. And the excitement of actually firing a musket!!

So want to do the level 2 and am waiting in anticipation for the sword fighting courses!!


Fight like an Orc or an Elf:

An introduction to sword fighting with the focus on how the character would fight. Just superb!! Technical  drills overlaid into a fight sequence. This experience was not only brilliant fun, as a result I also got cast in a sword fighting role for a short film!


With the number of period films being shot down in cornwall, it cannot hinder our careers to get qualified to play parts that can fight.  I’ve already landed one job as a result of doing these courses. Thank you Swashbuckling!!

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