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Who are are

"Swashbuckler- a term that emerged in the 16th century and has been used as a term for pirates and swordsmen ever since. A possible explanation for this term is that it derives from a fighting style using a side-sword with a buckler in the off-hand, which was applied with much "swashing and making a noise on the buckler"

Swashbuckling Cornwall was set up in 2014 with the aim of bringing Stage Combat to Cornwall. It provides a range of courses for all abilities, professionals and amateurs alike.


We passionately believe that Stage Combat can not only increase the skills level of those working in the creative industries but can also be of great benefit when it comes to understanding theatrical and national heritage. The bonus is that it is great fun and an alternative to the gym.  


Based in the Duchy of Cornwall we are very fortunate to have some great places to train, develop workshops and a rich culture to draw on. 


Working with instructors from the British Academy of Dramatic Combat we can offer the highest level of training. 


Some people we have had the pleasure to work with or helped out

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