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Hobby Horse Jousting

Step back to the time of yore and bring jousting to life at your venue. In an interactive, historical, cultural, and just dawn good fun way, with our Hobby Horse Jousting!


Suitable for both inside and outside (weather dependent). Ages 4+


Offer visitors a drop in chance to experience in a small way the thrill of galloping towards the Quintain and striking the target.


Participating young Knights are supervised by our team to help them get most of the experience and shall be on hand to answer questions, help select a suitable mount or offer the opportunity to take a closer look at a selection knight artifact, time allowing.

We recommend this is part of an added value experience at your venue, if you do wish to charge, a member of your team will be required to handling sales/bookings.


  • ‘Stables’- a range of hobby horses

  • Quintain- spinny thing the young knights joust at

  • Lances

  • ‘Lists’

  • Costumed Staff + knight gear- swords, shields, helmets

What we need:

  • A clear flat space

  • Car Parking near the jousting site

  • Changing area

Hobby Horse 1_edited.jpg

To discuss booking, more information please email:

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