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Three Day Fighting For Film


Ever wondered how they make the fights in the movies? Now is your chance to learn! In 2015 we are hoping to bring you a chance to try in our action packed three day Fighting for Film workshop.


Date/Time/Location: TBC


Course Overview:


What will the course cover?

Introduction to creating the illusion

-knife technique

-Falls and tumbles

-‘martial’ fighting

-Scrappy fighting

-On-set etiquette, explanation of terms and procedure

-Health and Safety, keeping yourself safe

-Technical considerations: finding your mark, working within the frame, working within the set

-Awareness: finding the camera, closing the gap, keeping your partner safe, watching the surrounding action.

-Creating characters-physical story-telling

-Maintaining character-the internal story, the external story, intention

-Making it ‘real’- responding

-Working as a principle vs secondary vs stunt

-Group scenes

-How to work with a fight director


Each day culminates with a shoot and on the third day a larger scene under industry conditions. Thats fight we film you fighting! 


All those taking part will recieve a certificate of participantion. 


If you are intrested in attending this course please let us know and we can send you some more information. If enough people are interested we shall arrange for it to be run soon rather than later. 


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